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Marvets family honored for 150 years of military service


It's not easy keeping track of all the members of the Marvets family who've served our country.

Since 1942, someone with the Marvets family, originally of Waterloo, has actively served in the military. In total, the Marvets family has 150 years (and counting) of combined military service.

It started with three of Frank and Helen Marvets' nine children. One of those children is 77-year-old Richard Marvets of Tripoli. He served during the Korean War in the U.S. Army.

Richard's nephew, 61-year-old Bill Marvets, served in the Army during the Vietnam War.

"Mo one in our family was ever drafted. Everyone joined," said Bill Marvets.

Bill Marvets filled out the paperwork nominating the Marvets family for the Sullivan Brothers Outstanding Military Family Award, which requires service of at least three family members. The Marvets shattered that requirement with service from more than 20 blood relatives.

At the end of last year, the family received its award from the Grout Museum District at a special banquet

"For us to be honored with something like that, more words than I can speak. An incredible honor," said Richard Marvets.

Richard and Bill said they knew a lot of people in their family had served, but they didn't realize just how many and for how long.

" It's just something that happened," said Richard Marvets.

"It's not our duty. It's something we want to do and feel privileged to do it," said Bill Marvets.

The Marvets streak of active military service continues with one family member currently in Iraq and another finishing up basic training.

Several members of the Marvets family have served our country for more than 30 years.

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