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Iowa farmers welcome snowfall to compensate for summer drought


A lot of Iowa farmers will admit the more snow we get, the better off their fields will likely be.

Farmland across the state has been blanketed with the latest snowstorm, and farmers are hoping the moisture from the snow seeps into the soil.

But experts in the agriculture industry are afraid most of the moisture will be lost because the ground is still frozen.

"We're thankful for all the moisture that we can get, but it's harder to get the full re-charge when we're working with snow rather than gentle rains," said Regional Director for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Bill Arndorfer.

Arndorfer said most land would need about 16 inches of moisture to get it back to its pre-drought state. He said, depending on temperatures, one foot of snow usually will provide about an inch of moisture.

"They are just at the whim of Mother Nature," said Arndorfer. "Whatever she throws our way, they just have to deal with because there's no way to control that."

Mike Even of Gilbertville has been a corn and soybean farmer since 1969. He said he's happy to see the snow, but not convinced it's enough to make much of a difference.

"Oh we'll get some moisture out of it," he said. "I don't know how much, though."

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