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Iowa funding and jobs at risk if Congress doesn't agree


If Congress can't agree on how to cut the budget by the end of the week, automatic cuts will go into effect.

While those cuts could have a dramatic impact on the country as a whole, we're not immune in Iowa.

In Iowa, hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs could be lost if Congress doesn't act before March 1.

Iowa could lose funding in the area of military readiness: Approximately 2,000 civilian Department of Defense Employees would be furloughed. That would reduce gross pay by around $7.4 million in total. In the Army, base operation funding would be cut by about $1.5 million in Iowa.

Vaccines for children in Iowa are potentially at risk: Nearly 1,300 fewer children will receive vaccinations for diseases such as measles, whooping cough and tetanus. If Congress doesn't act, funding for vaccinations will be reduced $90,000.

Nutrition assistance for seniors could be cut as well: Iowa could lose approximately $220,000 in funds that provide meals for seniors.

Approximately $6.4 million would be lost in Iowa for teachers and schools in funding for primary and secondary education. That puts 90 teachers and aide jobs at risk. In addition, about 7,000 fewer students will be served and about 50 fewer schools will receive funding.

In the area of public health, Iowa would lose approximately $291,000 in funds to upgrade health officials' ability to respond to public health threats -- including infectious diseases.

The Iowa Department of Public Health will lose about $61,000, resulting in about 1,500 fewer HIV tests.

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