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Hundreds support Waterloo beating victim at benefit


A Waterloo man knows he's lucky to be alive after being severely beaten during a home robbery last month.  Dennis Fix was kicked in the face during the attack, resulting in bruising and brain bleeds.

Fix is doing much better now, and people are rallying to support him, even holding a fundraiser to make his home safer.         

Dennis Fix is all smiles now, but he's had a rough few weeks after being beaten during a home invasion and robbery.

"You know somebody come in, in my house--very scary," Fix said.

Fix is thankful he survived, and for how much the community has supported him following the attack.  Sunday, Fix's Hy-Vee co-workers held a benefit for him, raising money to replace his stolen items and make his home both safer with a security alarm, and more accommodating to fix's special needs.

"I've only known Dennis for a couple years, but he's just such a nice guy.  He'll do anything for anyone.  He just talks to everyone.  You know, we were happy to throw something together to help him out," said Kelly Burns, Dennis' co-worker.

Fix's family was overwhelmed that hundreds of people, many of them total strangers, turned out to support Dennis at the benefit breakfast.

"It's just a great honor to be part of the community here and Hy-Vee with all the people stepping in and contributing to the cause.  It's wonderful," said Don Fix, Dennis' brother.

While most of Dennis' eight siblings live far away, all of them made it to Waterloo Sunday for the benefit.

"If there's anything good about this, it's the fact with our father passing away on Friday, it was able to get all of our family together for this even," Don Fix said.

And in the wake of both tragedies, the family's glad they can lean on each other, and are especially thankful to see Dennis surrounded by people who deeply care about him.

"I thank everybody:  everybody I know and not know, thanks very much!" said Dennis Fix.

Waterloo police have arrested Joseph Holmes for first degree burglary in Dennis Fix's case.  They also consider Holmes a suspect in several other home invasions that happened around the same time Fix was attacked.

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