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Dubuque Celebrates Complaint Free Day


The average person complains approximately 15 to 30 times per day, which results in roughly 4.5 billion complaints spoken every day in the United States. The City of Dubuque claimed Feb. 18 as Complaint Free Day, a day to get people to stop complaining and redirect their minds toward positive, constructive and rewarding lives.

Jeff Lenhart helped organize Complaint Free Dubuque Day, a day he hopes inspires others to stop complaining. Lenhart has one tool he believes is key in helping people become aware of how often they complain, a bracelet.

"The thing with the wristbands are you put it on, and every time you complain, gossip or criticize, you take it off and you put it on your other wrist," Lenhart said.

Lenhart learned about the bracelet in a book, "A Complaint Free World," by Will Bown he was required to read for a job.

"The book is about the reasons that people complain and why complaining is damaging to our lives," Bowen said.

The book hit close to home with Lenhart, who was determined to make it known in the community.

"I feel that Dubuque is a very friendly and welcoming community, but I feel like work can always be done. I talk to citizens on the streets or I talk to people at work, and I feel that if the word gets out enough, which it has, if they come tonight it will change people's lives," Lenhart said.

On Christmas Day, Lenhart entered a competition on A Complaint Free World's Facebook page. The winner would receive a free visit from Bowen in their home town. The author would teach the importance of living in a complaint free world to the community.

"On the 27th of December, two days after I entered the competition on Christmas day, he emailed me about one o'clock in the afternoon and he said 'Jeff I am impressed with what you are trying to do to change the world. So I am going to say you won," Lenhart said.

But the praise did not stop there. During Bowen's visit to Dubuque, local business Kwik Stop/Dairy Queen generously donated more than 12,000 complaint free bracelets to every student in the Dubuque Community School District and Holy Catholic Family Schools.

As a whole, A Complaint Free World has sent out more than 10 million complaint free purple bracelets to participants in 106 countries. Browen claims after 21 consecutive complaint free days, a person's attitude is transformed from negative to position.

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