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Dubuque citizens venture out in winter storm


Last minute storm preps are good for grocery stores as customers bustle through the check out aisles of Hy-Vee, but for local bars and restaurants, threatening snow means a threat to business.

"I do think there are going to be some people. We tend to see the younger people come out and take their chances more than the older people, and the older people will come the following week, so that could impact us somewhat. But, again, you have some diehards who love doing that kind of stuff," Stone Cliff Winery Tasting Room Manager Jodi Bryson said.

The impending weather isn't keeping this die-hard karaoke fan away from her Thursday night at Dubuque's Stone Cliff Winery.

"We live just up the hill on University, so it's not too bad of a commute for us to get down here." Said Anna Brandford.

Anna Brandford is a resident of Dubuque and has had a passion for karaoke since she was a child.

"I've been singing as long as I can remember. When I was 8 years olds, I asked for a karaoke machine for Christmas and got one. My parents probably regretted that decision because I would sit in my room with the door closed and sing that one karaoke tape I had over and over again," Brandford said.

She also has participated in Stone Cliff Winery's karaoke challenge before.

"I won last year, yes," Brandford said.

For this winery, the singers are loyal, allowing for a strong turnout during this winter weather.

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