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Dubuque Bank and Trust customers "Take a Swipe at Breast Cancer"


Many eastern Iowans helped "Take a Swipe at Breast Cancer" just by spending money.

Since May, Dubuque Bank and Trust has donated two-and-a-half cents to a fund every time a customer made a "swipe," or a purchase, with a special pink ribbon debit card.

In a ceremony Thursday afternoon, DB&T presented a check for more than $12,000 to the Wendt Regional Cancer Center at the Finley Hospital in Dubuque.

The Center used part of the money to buy a $5,000 position device called a prone breast board, which makes radiation treatments safer for women with breast cancer.

Center director Mike Kelly demonstrated how the board worked at the ceremony.

"The breast would hang down here, gravity would pull it down," he said, gesturing to a space in the board, "in which case then we'd do our tangential treatments, which are coming at angles, and then that would allow us to make sure that we do not treat the lung or the heart pretty much at all."

The Wendt Regional Cancer Center hopes to put the rest of the donation toward funding a new care coordinator position, which would help cancer patients navigate their various treatments.

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