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Pain at the pump: Waterloo daycare has $2,500 tab for a month's worth of fuel


According to AAA's fuel report, the average price of gasoline is up nearly 20 cents from this time last year.

Not only are commuters having to dig deeper into their pockets to afford the higher prices at the pump, area businesses are feeling the pain firsthand.

A to Z Learning Center and Day Care has four locations in Cedar Falls and Waterloo. There are 10 vans that transport children to schools and field trips multiple times each day.

According to Executive Director Chris York, the centers spent $2,500 on fuel for the fleet of vans this past month.

"It gets a little tough from time to time. We have to kind of take money from other areas," said York.

York said she balances the budget, which has been inundated with costly fuel prices, by dipping into funding for other areas.

"We don't have the $12 to buy a new puzzle because we've put that in a gas tank," said York.

York said the center won't transfer the cost to parents, unless prices continue to climb.

Gail Weinholzer from AAA said prices typically rise in the Spring when switching from winter grade to summer grade fuels.

Weinholzer said winter grade fuel does not burn as clean, but it helps drivers start their cars easier in cold weather.

She said it's cheaper than summer grade because it doesn't cost as much to refine, but for air quality purposes, fuel grades are switched when the weather gets warmer.

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