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The 6th annual Expo Fun Fly is held at the UNI-Dome


It wasn't a sporting event or a concert, but remote controlled airplanes taking over the UNI Dome recently. The Sixth Annual Expo Fun Fly brought more than 140 radio controlled plots and their aircraft to the Dome. Pilots - who stay on the ground, of course - say the Dome is viewed as one of the best places for aerial competitions in the U.S., because of its high ceiling and turf flooring.

Organizer, Lon Baker, said it's easy to learn, "You can buy a basic plane that is really stable...and it's best to get with a pilot that is experienced...he can get it up in the air for you...and you can take over the controls. Then after you learn  what to do with your thumbs, to pilot one of these, then you can take over."

Lots of different types of planes filled the Dome - from World War I and World War II planes, Jets propelled by air, spaceships, and even Snoopy made an appearance.


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