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Dubuque Gun Show teaches gun responsibility


Gun control has been a hot button issue in Washington since the Newtown School tragedy. If you talk to many gun owners, though, they'll tell you it's about responsible ownership. This weekend at the Big Bore Enterprise Gun Show in Dubuque, people viewed guns, gun parts and made purchases.Organizers say shows like this help educate people about gun responsibility.

"Education about guns is actually about getting out and seeing the guns. Being able to pick them up, see what gun fits your hand the best. That is where it all starts, learn how that gun is used, what the gun is used for and the capabilities of the gun. Every gun is a deadly weapon and the person that is running that gun is responsible." Said Mark Quad of Big Bore Enterprise.

Quad also mentioned his advice for people looking to purchase a gun for the first time.

"Things that I tell people is this, if you are going to buy a gun and carry that gun, is that really what you want to do? Do you want to carry a gun that you can pull that thing out and shoot somebody? That's when I tell them, why don't you get some mace, a taser something like that were you can use that thing and it really isn't going to harm somebody. I think that, that might be a little more appropriate in certain instances." Said Quad.

Big Bore Enterprise will be hosting another gun show next month in Davenport.

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