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Cedar Rapids lingerie shop owner files lawsuit against the city


The owner of a Cedar Rapids lingerie store is taking the city to court after the Board of Adjustment ruled that she was violating city code by operating an adult bookstore.

Patricia Edmonds owns Simply Sensual, located in a strip mall at 2129 Wiley Boulevard SW.  In October, Edmonds learned that the Building Services Division had received a complaint about the store.

After a visit by an inspector, the division determined that Edmonds was running what they considered an adult entertainment establishment in an area that was not zoned for that type of business.

Edmonds appealed the decision, but it was denied in January.

Now Edmonds and her attorney, Peter Riley, have filed a lawsuit in Linn County asking the court to reverse the decision of the Cedar Rapids Board of Adjustment made in January and a cease-and-desist order issued by the Building Services Division in December.

In the lawsuit, Edmonds claims that the primary products she sells are no different than what is sold in stores like Spencer Gifts in Lindale Mall.  She also argues that city code defines an adult bookstore as a business where more than 10% of floor space is devoted to the sale of adult materials.  She says her section of adult materials takes up less than 10% of floor space.

City code defines adult materials as "materials characterized by emphasis on depiction or description of specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas."

In the suit, Edmonds is also asking to be allowed to run her business until the court makes a ruling on the case.

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