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Social media expert: "Think twice before you post."


After an Internet photo taken by Iowa high school wrestlers spread quickly online this week, social media experts are warning those who use social media to think twice before they post.

"When we think about sending a message, we send them with one intent and how they're interpreted can be totally different. So once you send a message, you don't know how it's going to be received," said Michael Fleming, Associate Professor of Family Studies at the University of Northern Iowa.

Fleming and his colleagues have spent months researching the implications of social media and cyberbullying, particularly with teens across the state of Iowa.

The results of the focus groups have not been completed yet, but Fleming said he has learned a lot about the challenges teens face through social media at school and at home.

"I think what often happens is they don't think about the repercussions," said Fleming. "They are in the moment, the send the message, and only later to they realize the consequences of their action."

Fleming recommended parents follow their teen's activity online, especially because with today's technology, it's easy to post something within seconds.

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