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Iowa homeowners, businesses react to the end of Saturday mail delivery


Rain, snow, and sleet may have never succeeded in keeping the postal service away.  Instead it soon will be Saturdays to do so.

"I'm sad not to have the delivery, but I do understand that the post office can't stand to lose millions every day," said Judy Gustafson of Cedar Rapids.

"Everything's junk mail anymore, and they're pushing it online, so it's probably better if it saves money," said Jeff Besler of Cedar Rapids.

Among those reacting to Wednesday's news of an end to Saturday mail delivery is Jo Dunlop of Cedar Rapids.

"I don't like it, but you know, times change," she said.

Dunlop has received mail six days a week for the past 78 years.  Come August 5, she'll have to adjust her routine. 

"I like to have my mail everyday," Dunlop said.

Marketers may have to soon change their ways too.

"We're going to have to plan a little bit more," said  Mark Mathis of Me&V, an advertising consulting firm with an office in Cedar Rapids.

Mathis says some businesses, like car dealerships, depend on getting their advertisements out in the mail on Saturdays to promote same-day sales.

"It's losing more than just the relaxed day or that weekend sale or something like that.  You're losing a complete weekend now of getting messages out," Mathis said.

Mathis believes businesses will adjust and find workable solutions to any obstacles.

Still, it's clear, for all customers like Dunlop, no mail on Saturdays represents a major change.

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