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Shooting victim offers emotional testimony in Waterloo murder trial

Marlene Buss, shooting victim Marlene Buss, shooting victim
Kevin Ambrose, on trial Kevin Ambrose, on trial

A woman shot by a man currently on trial for murder testified Wednesday in court.

Kevin Ambrose is accused of shooting and killing 59-year-old Kay Straw last May. He also faces attempted murder charges, accused of shooting her daughter Marlene Buss and trying to shoot Buss' ex-boyfriend, Undray Reed, that day.

Buss offered pretty powerful testimony in court. She told how she'd called police several times May 2 after getting a no contact order against Kevin Ambrose.

She went to her home to gather some belongings with her mom, Kay Straw. That's when trouble started, mostly with Ambrose's brother, Jeremi Montgomery.

"Jeremi was on the phone with Kevin, I believe it was Kevin," Buss said. "He was telling him every move I was making in the house."

That prompted Buss to call police several times.

After a fourth visit by an officer, "I go back in my room and my mom said, 'That son of a b**** just texted him,'" said Buss.

Buss says she then heard ex-boyfriend Undray Reed's daughter screaming.

"Shaniqua screams, 'Ah! He gots a gun,'" Buss said.

That's when Buss first saw Kevin Ambrose inside the house.

"He had a bat in one hand, and a pistol in the other. My mom was standing by my bedroom doorway," Buss said. "Undray was standing in the middle, and I was standing down towards the couch. He pulled the gun to Undray's forehead and said, 'N****, you first.'"

Buss then ran out the front door.

"And he shoots me. I fall and he comes and stands over me and he shoots me again and again," Buss said.

Buss says she then ran to a neighbor's home and collapsed, but heard more gunshots ring out before ultimately being taken to the hospital.

"I knew somebody else had been shot," Buss said. "I seen Undray and Nene, or Shaniqua, and I seen my two boys, but I didn't see my mom."

It was at the hospital Marlene Buss first learned her mom, Kay Straw, had been shot and killed.

Buss' then six-year-old son was inside the home when Straw was shot. He is set to take the witness stand in court Thursday. 

The trial is expected to last through at least Feb. 15.

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