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Athlete of the Week: Marcus Harrington


Wahawk junior Marcus Harrington has big goals

"State title and national champion."

Both seem well within' reach -- after dropping his first match this year -- Marcus has won 43 straight -- even avenging that early loss -- but coach Brett Wheelen has his star 195 pounder more focused on what he's going to do -- rather than what he's already done --

"Ranked #1 is not the goal, 40 wins is not the goal, state championship is the goal"

Marcus -- however -- has no experience wrestling at the state meet -- last year he fell just short losing in the district semifinals -- and as he watched from the stands in Des Moines last year he felt something he never wanted to feel again --

"Regret. A lot of regret wishing I'd put in more work to get me to get down there with the guys that are wrestling."

Putting in the work hasn't been a problem this time around. Harrington wrestled nearly 50 matches during the off-season -- and for Marcus and a few of his teammates -- this year's work started almost immediately after last year's work ended

"They called me the Sunday after districts and asked what time are you lifting weights tomorrow... there really was no break, and they didn't take a break....any chance he can be on the mat, he's on the mat."

"Last year not qualifying, it really drove me. I said I'm just going to come down and win it next year."

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