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Iowa DNR asks public to stay off Cedar Lake, dangerous due to dam break


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has asked ice fishers and snowmobilers to stay off an Eastern Iowa lake after a problem with one of the gates in the dam.

The ice at Cedar Lake, northwest of Nashua, is not safe after the water level dropped.

Mayor John Phyfe said the 500-acre lake has lost about four feet of water since Tuesday after a break in a hydraulic hose on one of the dam's seven gates. While water levels dropped, Phyfe and the DNR said the ice has remained in place, causing a four-feet void between the ice and water.

"People get out there, they could fall in," said Phyfe.

Crews spent hours on Friday attempting to fix the severed hose.

Phyfe said the project was headed up by Dietz Construction based out of Nashua. He didn't know how much the repairs would cost, but estimated at least a few thousand dollars.

Randy Schnoebelen with the DNR said, "There's dead air space between the water and the ice, so the loading capacity of the ice is weaker without the water to support it."

Both Schnoebelen and Phyfe recommended folks stay off the lake for the rest of the winter.

The DNR said there is no danger to the dam or to people downstream of the dam.

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