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KWWL policy change: Church closings will now be online only



KWWL is committed to providing the best news and information service in Eastern Iowa, on television, on our website and on social media platforms. In an effort to make sure the most important weather-related closing announcements reach the broadest possible audience, we are making a change in how we handle these.

From now on, announcements of church closings will be posted to our website, but due to the high volume we are no longer able to scroll them on television.

The reason for this change: The abundance of churches in Eastern Iowa that can be affected by severe weather can cause our on-air scroll to take up to 25 minutes to complete. This actually makes it more difficult for viewers to see the one or two they are interested in.

Churches who want their closings posted with no delay must call the station during regular business hours to get a secure login and password to our website where they can post these announcements directly, whenever they wish. (This is the same system schools use.)

Churches may still call the KWWL Closures line at (319) 291-1208, the KWWL Newsroom at (319) 291-1240, or use our online form, but the high volume of calls and emails we receive during a severe weather event means your announcement may not show up for some time.

We realize this is an important change that will impact many churches. We encourage any church that wants to use our automatic login system to call and get a login and password now, rather than waiting until the next storm hits. The number to call is (319) 291-1200 during normal business hours.

As always, ALL closings will be listed on

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