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Ron Scally is back to BMX racing after a 25-year break


Ron Scally is 42 years old and he's nationally ranked in BMX racing. He holds the number two ranking for the central region in his class.

After first racing as a kid, Ron Scally got back into racing four years ago when a childhood friend contacted him on facebook.

"He got back in to racing because his sons were racing. After all these years he said you gotta get back in the sport and at first I thought you've got to be kidding me after 25 years," said Ron Scally.

Scally said he had to re-learn the fundamentals of BMX racing. As a kid, he said racing was more about strength. Now it's more about technique, including a quick start.

"Usually the biggest race is to the first turn. If you can get to the first turn first, you can set the pace. You have the preferred line," said Scally.

Scally said the typical race is between 45 and 55 seconds, making it an all out sprint. Different size frames on the bikes can accommodate different size riders, but all the tires must be 20 inches.

Scally has done so well in his races, he recently got sponsored by Greg Hill Products.

"Greg Hill was a pro when I was a kids and at 13 years old he was the first pro I every got an autograph from. Greg Hill is like the Dan Gable of wrestling," said Ron Scally.

Many of Scally's weekends are spent traveling to races. But he wants to build a track here at home. Waterloo used to have a track in the 1980s called Black Hawk BMX. Scally wants to use the same name for a new bicycle park in Cedar Falls near East Main Street and Lincoln Streets. It's an area previously flooded out said Brian Heath with the City of Cedar Falls Public Works.

"There's a lot of area there that was bought out with FEMA funds and it can't be utilized for anything other than park development, things like that," said Brian Heath.

Ron Scally and another BMX rider are currently developing plans for the track. Scally hopes to have the track going by late summer with the ability to host competitions by 2014.

"My goal is when you come to race, you leave, you definitely want to come back to it," he said.

Back in the sport of a second time and loving it, Scally said he just wants to share the sport with others.

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