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Extreme cold threatens eastern Iowa with frostbite, hypothermia


Extreme cold sweeping eastern Iowa brings with it a slew of winter hazards, even for people who venture outside for just a short amount of time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn against everything from frostbite and hypothermia to slipping on ice.

When it comes to hypothermia, the CDC says, a body temperature reading at 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower constitutes an emergency, and that person should seek medical treatment immediately.

Mark Wagner, education director at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, said anybody who suspects they may have frostbite in their fingers or toes after coming in from outside should not rub them together or stick them in hot water. Rather, he said, stick the fingers or toes in lukewarm water, warming them slowly.

The National Weather Service has a graph that shows how quickly exposed flesh can freeze, given the temperature and wind chill. That graph is HERE.

The CDC has an extreme cold safety guide, which is HERE.

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