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Waterloo West High Athletic Secretary Sue Smith set to retire


For eight years, Sue Smith has worked as the athletic secretary at Waterloo West High School.

"I'm always busy. There's always something to do. In fact, we're already working on finalizing next year's schedules," said Sue Smith.

As athletic secretary, she works closely with student-athletes and coaches. It was boys basketball coach Justin Little who nominated sue as "Someone You Should Know."

"I really appreciate the four years I've had with her. She's really worked hard for me, and just made my life a lot easier and there's not a day during the basketball season I don't email her or call her. She's so nice, and she always gives me that smile when I go in to her office. It makes my day a lot better," said Justin Little.

Justin Little said it's often the coaches and players who get the glory, but Sue deserves recognition for her hard work behind the scenes.

"I was very touched. That makes you feel really good that somebody thinks you're doing a good job and wants to recognize you in some way," said Sue Smith.

Just to name of few of her duties, Sue sets schedules, arranges bus transportation, finds workers for all the home events and puts together rosters.

Besides coaches, Sue Smith works most closely with Dr. Anthony Pappas, the athletic director.

"I would say she's my administrative assistant. Most people would say she's my boss. So she really runs the show here? I think most people would say that's accurate," said Dr. Pappas.

A couple years ago Dr. Pappas nominated Sue Smith for the Endeavor Recognition Project, sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa Leadership Studies and Allen College.

"She is one of the best liked staff members we have here and one of the most respected staff members we have. What makes Sue so special is she's very diligent, she's very professional, she's very dedicated to her job," said Dr. Pappas.

Both Dr. Pappas and Justin Little said Sue will be greatly missed when she retires June 28th. They'd love it if she changed her mind...

"Can't do anything to keep me from retiring," said Sue Smith.

Smith may not change her mind about retiring, but she'll always be a Wahawk.

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