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City of Waterloo not surprised to find four buried railroad tanker cars underground


The construction site where Chamberlain Manufacturing used to sit in Waterloo needs a lot of work.

The City of Waterloo has had possession of the property since 2005, which sits on more than 20-acres of land just north of downtown.

Last month, crews started busting up concrete on the property, and last week they found four large tanker cars, according to Waterloo City Planner II Chris Western.

Western said they were expecting to uncover the tanker cars at some point, they just didn't know where. He said interviews were conducted with people who used to work there, and they indicated the railroad cars were buried underground.

Western said it's common to run into a railroad car or tank because they were frequently used as a cheap way to store fuel oils or leftover solvents.

"I've probably seen five railroad cars and probably 20 just regular tanks," he said. "We've found them in very strange places."

According to the City, three of the tanks hold about 7,500 gallons, and the fourth is large enough to hold 10,500 gallons.

Western said the tanks were registered on a database.

He said the City needs to determine if the tanks were cleaned and closed properly, then they plan on hauling them to the scrap yard.

That process is estimated to cost approximately $2,000; Western said the City will likely cover the cost.

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