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Protestors want a Waterloo police officer charged with murder in officer-involved shooting


The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation continues investigating a November shooting involving a Waterloo Police officer.

Twenty-two year old Derrick Ambrose Jr. died after being shot by Officer Kyle Law, a three-year veteran on the police force.

Police reports indicate Ambrose waved a gun at a group of people before he took off and led Officer Law on a chase. The reports state Ambrose was shot by Law after he came out from behind a tree.

According to Captain Tim Pillack of the Waterloo Police Department, Law has been on paid, administrative leave since the Nov. 18, 2012, shooting.

"We're treating this case no differently than we have in any other officer-involved shooting," he said. Pillack said Law is currently assigned to a desk job with the department.

On Friday, close to 100 people came out to protest against the Waterloo Police Department and Officer Law.

The crowd, many of them dressed in red and black, chanted things like, "We want justice!" and "Arrest Officer Law!"

The protest started at 1611 E. 4th Street in Waterloo, and it ended approximately nine blocks later in the parking lot of the Waterloo Police Department.

"We just want justice because there's no reason he had no reason to shoot him," said Ambrose's girlfriend of more than 2-years, Aneesha Forney of Waterloo.

Forney said she was with Ambrose the night he was killed. She said Ambrose did not wave a gun in the air.

"They try to make him out to be someone that he's not," she said. "He was a graduate. He was no felon. He had a gun license...I mean he wasn't a model citizen, I'm not going to say that, but he wasn't a bad person."

Forney said she welcomes the opportunity to talk with the police department to tell them the department is wrong.

"We're going to fight until we can't fight anymore," said Forney.

Pillack said the department would be willing to meet with concerned family members and friends, but that no request to do so had been made.

Family members of Ambrose said they plan to hold additional protests to make sure they get their point across.

Police said they don't have a problem with the protests, as long as people participating are peaceful.

"They have a right to protest. We're not going to change what we're doing just by their protest," said Pillack.

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