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Gun advocates want to rid Iowa of gun-free zones


Guns will be allowed in Iowa schools if a group of advocates gets their way.

Iowa Gun Owners is an advocacy group based in Des Moines. It is pushing for legislation that would get rid of gun-free zones at schools across Iowa and allow people with permits to carry a gun inside.

"Anytime we limit or try to cut down on where law-abiding Iowans or citizens in this country can carry a concealed weapon, those areas are targeted by blood-thirsty killers or violent attacks," said Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners Aaron Dorr in a phone interview on Friday.

Dorr said the group's primary goal is to change Iowa code which makes it a felony if Iowans with a permit carry a gun in schools.

According to Dorr, changes to the current law would make it so "innocent children are no longer totally helpless in these types of situations."

Dorr said recent events, particularly the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, spurred the push for legislative change.

"Anytime you take away guns from law-abiding people, you're simply setting up those folks for an attack," he said.

Meanwhile, the Cedar Falls School District expressed their concerns.

"A lot of it's a knee-jerk reaction to what happened in Connecticut, and I think all of us have to realize that what did happen in Connecticut is a very unique situation," said Director of Secondary Education Dan Conrad.

Conrad said the school district plans on communicating with legislators to maintain gun-free zones for all schools in the Cedar Falls School District.

"To say you're going to open up schools to weapons, even if it's just with teachers or administrators, is not a good solution. To me that's like saying that putting more cars on the highway will result in less accidents," Conrad said.

Dorr said the Iowa Gun Owners' bill to rid gun-free zones across the state already has the support of some legislators. He said the bill is in draft, but he expected details to be worked out in the next 7-10 days.

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