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Sticking to your New Year's resolution to work out more


It's almost New Year's Eve and you may be starting to think about your resolutions.  One of the most common ones made each year is "I'll go to the gym more." How do you keep your goal?

For Ken Benson of Cedar Rapids, it means continuing to go to the gym.  He wants to stay fit and healthy in the new year.  He's been going to the Helen G Nassif YMCA nearly every day for the past few years and hopes to keep up his habit.

"I want to be able to enjoy my retirement," said Benson.  "My wife just retired this week so if we're healthy then we can go out and do some things."

The Y and other workout centers see a lot more people coming through the doors this time of year. But as the weather warms up and people start to break their new year's resolutions, attendance dies down. So how do you keep your goals?  Workers at the Y say start with asking yourself what you want to change.

"Do you feel like you're overweight? Do you feel like you're not sleeping? Do you feel like you're stressed out? Once you answer those questions you're going to be able to figure out what's the best for you," said Todd Michael Hirst, Director of Marketing & Membership Development.

Experts say you're less likely to break your New Year's resolutions if you set reasonable goals. Instead of saying you'll go to the gym five days a week, say you'll go twice.

"It could be just getting up and being active for 30 minutes a day," said Hirst.  "That could be just walking around the track."

As for Benson, the Vietnam veteran plans to keep using the elliptical so he can pursue his retirement travel plans.

"I always wanted to go back and bike the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam, and maybe go to Europe and maybe go to Alaska this summer," said Benson.

Experts say when it comes to working out find an activity that's fun for you.

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