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Wine & spirits specialist shares options for New Year's Eve


Hy-Vee sees an increased number of sales for champagne and sparkling wine this time of year, with most people actually waiting until New Year's Eve to make their purchase.

"Sparkling wine is very versatile, so people drink it even when they're not celebrating, but obviously during New Year's Eve is when we sell the most. There is a difference between sparkling wine and champagne. Sparkling wine is typically from California where champagne, if labeled champagne, has to be from Champagne region of France," said Wine & Spirits Specialist Mindy Waseskuk.

There's a wide price range for both sparkling wine and champagne, anywhere from about $4 to $140 per bottle. One bottle of champagne serves roughly six people -- if you use a four ounce glass.

"I guess the trend would probably be sweet, as it was last year," said Waseskuk.

She said heck the label to know just how "sweet" it is.

"If you see spumante on the label that going to be sweet and then extra dry is not quite as sweet as spumante and brut is the driest," she said.

Wine is also available in a variety of flavors.

"And this year a new brand that has come out is called Delicia. It has a red velvet, which tastes like red velvet cake. There's a whipped, which tastes like frosting. Then strawberry and cream, which tastes like strawberry Jell-O," said Mindy Waseskuk.

If you are purchasing champagne or wine this New Year's Eve, Waseskuk said stay in your budget and buy what you know you'll like.

While most sparkling wines and champagnes are available year-round, you get better deals this time of year because stores get deals from suppliers.

We want to remind everyone, if you choose to drink, please be responsible. Use a designated driver, take a taxi or plan to stay at your location. Don't get behind the wheel if you've been drinking. According to AAA, New Year's Day consistently ranks as the year's deadliest day for alcohol-related fatalities.

If you host a party at your home and someone gets in an alcohol-related crash after leaving your house, you can be held responsible. It's called the Social Host Law. It's recognized in 33 states, including Iowa.

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