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Friday: Cyclones in Memphis


Well Rick, I was going to do this outside at the Liberty Bowl, but instead I came here to Central Barbeque, number one, because it's the best food you can find here in Memphis, plus it's cold and rainy outside and I really didn't want to stand out there, and I get to explain this is a way I don't normally get to. Iowa State used 3 different quarterbacks this year and Paul Rhoads ability to adjust that position was really the reason why they made it down here to Memphis.

Imagine if you will, this is Paul Rhoads here. He started the season with the senior quarterback Steele Jantz. Now Steele needed 20 throws for every time he put the ball in the endzone. That wasn't good enough, so he moved on to Jared Barnett. Things got a little better, it only took 18 throws. Finally, insert the redshirt freshman Sam Richardson. It only took him 8 throws every time he put the ball in the endzone. That is what the Cyclones had been looking for all season long, and even though he is a freshman, the players have confidence in Sam Richardson as well, and I can tell you that in rib form... he is delicious.

Josh Lenz/Iowa State Senior Receiver

Lenz: "We knew all year that he had the ability to do that, and he just took advantage of it when he got the chance down in Kansas. He's just been going with it ever since.

Courtney Messingham/Iowa State Offensive Coordinator

Messingham: Everybody kind of looks at him and says, boy he had a lot of success, and I'm happy he did, but there's still a lot of things that he can learn and has learned, and the extra practice days have helped him as much as anybody.

Mark: So, we've got a couple days left until game day. We've got practices, pep rallys. We'll be there for all of it, of course we'll be eating a lot of food between now and then as well.


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