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City officials: Clear sidewalks or face a fine


Officials with the city of Evansdale are encouraging residents to shovel their sidewalks in front of their house or they might be fined.

City Code Enforcement Officer Rick Reuter is going door to door Friday handing out his business card and asking people to shovel their sidewalks.

Last year the city sent out letters. He says that really didn't get the message across.

Reuter says if residents don't shovel their sidewalks, it can be difficult to get through for people who walk there -- and if people take the streets to get around, that can be dangerous.

If people in Evansdale opt to have the city do it, the fee will be assessed against their property.

If they refuse to shovel, it's a minimum $50 citation with an $85 court cost.

Reuter says the city understands that, given last week's blizzard, clearing the way might be difficult.

"Last week's storm dropped a heavy, wet snow, and quite a bit at that time," Reuter said. "It got tracked on, turning into ice underneath, so the city understands that it's really hard to remove. It's difficult to shovel this time.

"We are just encouraging everybody to do the best they can," he said.

Reuter says they have no specific end date to when the sidewalks need to be shoveled. He says everyone he has spoke with has been really positive about the situation.

If residents cannot physically shovel their sidewalks, Reuter says to call Evansdale City Hall for help.

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