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Bumpy roads keep business busy, Iowa DOT: Blizzard was "worse than we expected."


Jim Lind's Service Shop in Waterloo has been busy since last week's blizzard dumped nearly a foot of snow across Eastern Iowa.

"Good tires are important all the time, but especially important in the winter time because you don't want to be stranded with a flat tire and winter certainly puts more pressure onto the tires because of the cold weather," said owner Jim Lind.

"It's part of winter in Iowa," he said.

Lind recommends drivers check the tread on their vehicle's tires and see if it's wearing evenly. He also said it's important to make sure all tires have the right amount of air in them, something that changes quickly as the temperature changes.

"When tires don't wear properly, you lose traction and the ability to steer properly," said Lind who said good tires are critical to being able to maneuver safely on slick streets.

Meanwhile, the Iowa DOT in Black Hawk County said the snow was harder to deal with than expected.

"It came at a time of day hard to deal with," said Iowa Dept. of Transportation Highway Maintenance Supervisor Doug Lickteig.

Lickteig said in his 28-years of working with the DOT in its Waterloo garage, he has only seen one other snowstorm as massive as last week's.

"The temperatures and the amount of snow created the perfect storm," he said.

Lickteig said about 30 trucks ran around the clock during last week's blizzard, and that it was an ideal storm to make a mess.

He said Black Hawk County started with five trucks at 8:30 p.m., only a couple hours after the snow started falling, and that those trucks worked overnight. According to Lickteig, the remaining equipment operators came in during the daylight when it was easier to work.

Crews worked long shifts and are back to their regular schedules now, Lickteig said.

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