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Update on Taz the recycled cat


In September 2011, Taz was found on a conveyor belt at Cedar Valley Recycling and Transfer in Waterloo.

Brittney Heasley sorted recyclables out of curbside garbage and one day found a kitten mixed in!

The kitten was lucky to be alive after likely getting picked up by a skid loader and going through a metal separator before making it to brittney on the conveyor belt.

Brittney bottle fed the kitten for several weeks before the Dettmers of Waterloo adopted him.

More than a year after getting adopted, the Dettmers say Taz still has the same feisty personality he did as a kitten.

"With his feisty attitude, I'm just thankful he doesn't realize how special he is or he'd be a real pain to live with (laughter)," said Dennis Dettmer.

Dennis Dettmer said he's never thought twice about his decision to add the cat to his family.

"Heck no," he said.

During the past 15 months, Taz has grown into his paws, which have an extra toe and his tail.

"It was just a little spike and it just evolved into its own little self. We had to give it its own name," said Dennis Dettmer.

The Dettmers named Taz's tail Daniel.

Dennis said these days Taz spends his time chasing a laser, eating treats and giving kisses.

After everything Taz went through as a kitten, Dennis said he certainly holds a special place in his heart, but don't tell his other two cats.

"At this point, I don't know how I can say he's not my favorite, but Elvis would be so disappointed if he knew that," said Dettmer.

The nearly recycled kitten is going to live out his adult days in a loving, fur-ever home thanks to the Dettmers.

Taz even has his own facebook page. Just search Taz Recycled Cat Dettmer.

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