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Flights canceled at Eastern Iowa Airport, blizzard alters travel plans


Cornell College student Jason Deville had been waiting for a flight out of the Eastern Iowa Airport for more than 12 hours.

"I've kind of lost track," he said.

Deville is trying to get home to Los Angeles to be with his family this Christmas.  He slept in the terminal Wednesday night.

"I don't think I want to stay another night at the airport if I don't have to.  It just depends on how everything works out," Deville said. 

Airlines began canceling flights Wednesday night ahead of the worst of the storm.  Thursday the cancellations kept coming, grounding the few travelers left holding out hope.

Many travelers were forced to reschedule flights to later in the weekend.

Meanwhile, in Linn County, drivers faced delays as well.

Truck driver Shawn Ekern decided to play it safe and wait until conditions improve at a rest stop.

"The further north you go, the worse it gets so just trying to camp out here and wait some of it out a little bit," Ekern said.

A handful of drivers ended up off the road when I-380 was completely covered in the early morning.  Later in the day, some drivers were stalled in their cars on Wright Bros. Blvd on the way to the airport.  Blowing snow was to blame.

The storm even affected those who stayed home.  Many lost power.  One North Liberty family's home caught fire after a lightning strike during a thunder snowstorm over night.  Nobody was injured in the fire.


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