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City of Waterloo works around the clock to keep up with blizzard


Snow started falling in Waterloo at around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The City of Waterloo called in street workers shortly before 8:00 p.m. after reports of roadways, particularly over bridges, getting slick.

Operations Supervisor for the Street Department Tony Pauley said he called salters and sanders in first. After the first two inches of snow accumulated, plow truck drivers were called in to tackle the streets.

"The salt and sand that's put down first will help give them some traction," he said.

He said their first focus would be salting and plowing "priority roads" like Broadway, Greenhill and San Marnan. After those roads were cleared, he said street workers would tackle residential areas.

Pauley said a liquid material called salt brine that was sprayed on the roadways 24-48 hours before the snowflakes started flying. The brine helped keep roads from freezing immediately.

"It saves the City money because it keeps us from having to come out right away," he said.

At full force, the City of Waterloo would have 34 pieces of equipment on the road at one time according to Pauley.

"We'll be working around the clock right now with this storm...until it's taken care of," he said.

Meanwhile, the Iowa Department of Transportation in Black Hawk County planned to have five trucks out Wednesday evening.

If visibility became poor, however, those plows would be called off the roads according to a spokesman.

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