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Gene Haller makes sure kids get to and from school safely


For two hours each weekday, from about 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Gene Haller makes sure these students get to and from school safely.

Gene Haller was hired as a crossing guard by the Cedar Falls Police Department 14 years ago.

"Well, I retired from the job I had, and saw an ad in the paper. I applied for it. I like it," said Gene Haller.

Gene has always worked at Cedar Heights Elementary in Cedar Falls.

"I enjoy the kids," said Haller.

Even though Gene isn't employed by the school district, he's still viewed as one of the staff with a very important job of keeping students safe.

"Rainbow Drive is a busy area, and he keeps the kids safe. They know they can trust him," said Cedar Heights Elementary Principal Jon Wiebers.

Principal Jon Wiebers said what makes Gene a great crossing guard is his consistency and the way he cares about the kids.

"The dedication and the consistency make a difference because we know he's going to be here and run crossing guard the right way," said Wiebers.

"I want the parents to feel confident that I am here," said Gene Haller.

He understands the job he has is extremely important, which is why he also wants to reach out to drivers going through school zones to be extra cautious. He sees his fair share of distracted drivers.

Gene's top priority is the students' safety. That's why he's on site Monday through Friday, walking the kids to and from school.

Previously, Gene worked for 10 years at National Bank of Waterloo and 30 years with Western Union.

The Cedar Falls Police Department employs four regular school crossing guards with two subs.

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