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Evansdale church sign helps community heal


Since the girls went missing, both the Collins and Morrissey's have held onto their faith.

And that is what a lot of people in the Cedar Valley are doing as well to get through this tough time.

If you drive through Evansdale it's hard to miss a sign at St. Marks United Methodist Church.

Over the last five months this sign has changed, but always has something on it about Lyric and Elizabeth.

Just last week the sign said "Our Christmas prayer this year: Bring home Elizabeth and Lyric safely."

Now it states "Lyric and Elizabeth, you are safe in my arms now....God."

As this community mourns, people at this church wish this sign will bring some hope.

"To help them overcome, to help them see some beauty, some peace, some hope beyond what we can see in this world," said Doug Tharpe, pastor at St. Marks United Methodist Church.

Pastor Doug Tharpe said although neither of the families go to his church, there were a lot of people at his church affected by the girls' death.

"We have a lot of people in this church and in this community who have turned to us for some comfort. Just to know somebody cares, that's there is some hope beyond the tragedy," said Tharpe.

Tharpe said he's not trained as a grief counselor, but said the best he can do is just listen.

Tharpe says Christmas will be extra hard this year, but he hopes the families can hold onto what joy these girls have brought their families before this whole situation.

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