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Evansdale police chief says he wants justice for girls


The death of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins was an outcome Evansdale Police Chief, Kent Smock, certainly didn't want.

"We were hoping we would find the girls alive. In the back of our minds, we knew this outcome was a possibility," said Smock.

This case hasn't been ruled as a homicide yet, but investigators continue to work the case tirelessly.

Smock has been involved since the beginning. Just recently, he had the difficult job of telling the families the girls were found dead.

"I have become personable with the family and to have to let them know the bad news was a tragic thing for them. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I wanted it coming from a friend," said Smock.

Since the discovery of the bodies, the focus in the case has turned to finding the person or persons involved with their disappearance.

Many people in the community are looking for justice for the girls as they hang purple ribbons and new posters around town.

Smock is also looking for justice, but has this message for the community.

"Remember the good, let's not tarnish their memories by thinking bad things or embracing the hatred. Let's continue the love and the support for the families and for the community that we've had from the start," said Smock.

Smock says law enforcement has taken this case very personal and they will keep working until those people involved are brought to justice. He says for now, parents need to stay cautious.

"We don't know at this point who is out there. I wouldn't ask people to become paranoid but I would ask them to be cautious and to use good common sense when we are out and about and what you're doing with your children," said Smock.

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