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Bob Quario excels as a Patient Care Tech at Allen Hospital


Bob Quario works on the surgery recovery floor at Allen Hospital in Waterloo.

His job title is Patient Care Tech and just as the job suggests, his focus is entirely on the patient.

"If they're comfortable, I'm comfortable," said Bob Quario.

Bob only started as a Patient Care Tech ten years ago after his daughter, then in high school, was in a car accident and broke her back.

"Mom couldn't handle all the medical stuff, so dad and youngest daughter kind of took over," said Quario.

That experience gave Bob a career path. Before, he described himself as a "jack-of-all-trades."

"Do you feel now doing what supposed to be doing. Yes. Patients, patient care is my priority. That is the one thing, if they're content, I'm content," said Bob Quario.

Bob's patients said he knows what he's doing, he always puts the patient first and he makes their time in the hospital better.

"Each person is totally different. You have to fill between the lines and figure out what they need. Once you take care of them, they're happy," he said.

Bob typically works 12-hour shifts and he's always busy, even during our interview.

Bob Quario helps patients with their meals, their medications and any other daily care they need.

"To make them content, help them get to their old shelf and be in own surroundings back home," said Bob Quario.

Bob's goal is for his patients to be safe, secure and comfortable because the sooner they get better, the soon they can go home, which is where he wants all his patients to be.

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