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Jared Lentzkow: Athlete of the Week


Jared Lentzkow isn't your typical high school athlete. He doesn't have any teammates and doesn't play a school sport. Lentzkow competes in BMX racing, an extreme sport that's hard to do without a track within 45 minutes of his hometown of Waterloo, but he makes it work. Two weeks ago, Lentzkow represented the state of Iowa in the National BMX Race of Champions and came home with top prize.

Jared Lentzkow - BMX Racer: "It was pretty unbelievable at first; it didn't really sink in until about 10, 15 minutes afterwards that I actually won."

While at Nationals in Tulsa, Lentzkow also raced in the Grand Open, an event that had two qualifying stages. He just so happened to bring the tallest trophy for his class back to Waterloo in that event as well.

So have you been sleeping with the trophies ever since?

Jared Lentzkow - BMX Racer "Yeah!"

With two national championships under his belt, he says the glory inspires him to follow his dream.

Jared Lentzkow - BMX Racer: "Be on the USA Racing Team. It's farfetched, but definitely achievable."

Lentzkow says he travels at least once a week to a track to improve his skills, like this championship course in East Moline, Illinois. Although the trip is more than two hours long, the new hardware he acquired in Tulsa keeps him coming back for more.

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