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Athletes of the Week: Union High Wrestlers


Competition is name of the game between brothers Logan and Max Thomsen --

Max Thomsen said, "We push each other, and we always try to out-do each other."

Logan said,"When he's in the room I feel like it raises me to do better."

Logan -- a senior at Union -- and Max a sophomore -- both have seen a ton of success of wrestling mat -- the elder Thomsen has a third place and 2 runner-up finishes at the state meet -- while his younger brother was the 20-12 2A state champion at 113 pounds --

one thing is certain -- the 2 brothers make each other better --

Logan said, "Going back to little kids wrestling, Max was always the AAU state champion and seeing him having all that success, it drove me to work harder. I haven't stopped working hard since then."

Competition between the brothers can sometimes gets heated -- during Tuesday's practice -- an angry impromptu wrestling match broke out during a garden variety running drill -- that's part of the reason these 2 try to avoid each other during practice time --

Union Head Coach Pat Hogan said "I'd like to see them go more, but sometimes it's a dangerous situation when they get together."

Max: "Usually when we wrestle, one of us will cheap shot, and the next thing you know we'll be throwing fists and stuff."

While a bit unconventional -- it's that kind of fight that's made Logan and Max 2 of the best wrestlers in the state --

however Logan has yet to stand on top of that podium in Des Moines -- and that's the biggest thing that keeps him motivated and working hard --

Logan: "As you say, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. It's really biting at me to get this last step on the podium."

This spring -- he'll have one last chance to get it done --

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