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Sumner police chief Dennis Cain healing after October shooting


It's been almost a month since two law enforcement officers were injured in the line of duty after a bank robber, chase, and manhunt. 

Iowa State Trooper Mark Domino was shot in the arm.  He was treated and released from the hospital.

Sumner Police Chief Dennis Cain was shot in the hand and neck.  Chief Cain was just recently released from the hospital, but still has a long recovery ahead.

"I think I have nightmares just about every night.  I keep re-living it because I never lost consciousness," Dennis Cain said.

Sumner Police Chief Dennis Cain vividly remembers what unfolded October 30th.  He was tailing a vehicle driven by two men suspected of robbing a Maynard Bank.

"Just as I passed him a little ways, I noticed bullet holes in the passenger side of the window, then all of the sudden I felt this in my neck.  It blew me back in the seat, and then I was holding the mic in my hand, and I don't even feel it [the bullet going through there].  I slammed the car into park and put the brakes on," said Cain.

Cain had been shot in the neck and hand.  His thumb was shattered.  But he knows it could've been much worse had the bullets destroyed a main artery in the neck.  It's thanks to the quick actions of fellow first responders and his doctors that Cain's alive today.  Yet the wounds still feel fresh.

"I had shrapnel in me.  I've still got it in me.  It's hard to breathe and talk.  I feel the pain all the time now," Cain said.

Despite all his struggles, Cain is determined to heal and get back to work.

"I want to work and I want to get back.  And if I want to retire down the road, then I'll retire.  I don't like to say it, but I'm not going to let those punks get one on me," said Cain.

The veteran police officer has also gained a new appreciation for his wife, Tammy.

"I won't take for granted again that he's always been my rock, you know.   And now it's kind of reversed a little bit.  You just notice all the little things now that each of us does for each other," Tammy Cain said.

The couple is also incredibly grateful for overwhelming support from the Sumner community.

"The whole city, they've come together.  We've got cards and people stopping over, and you know, I never would've believed that some of the people that I've talked to lately actually do stand by law enforcement.  It's really great that, you know, a community can work together," Dennis Cain said.

Chief Cain still has a lot of healing ahead.  He will undergo at lease two more surgeries on his hand.  Eventually, doctors plan to fuse parts of his hip bone to create a new thumb bone. 

As for the men believed to be responsible for shooting him, the chief says he's ready to look them in the eye when they have their day in court.

There are funds still set up at First State Bank and Northeast Security bank to help Cain's family with medical expenses.

The suspects, 24-year-old Jeremiah Mumford and 19-year-old William Clayton have entered not guilty please.  Mumford faces several counts of attempted murder in Bremer and Fayette County for shooting at officers, while Clayton is charged with aiding and abetting.   Both face charges of terrorism, and also face charges in Fayette for robbery.           


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