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One of the busiest travel days of the year


It's one of the busiest travel days of the year as people return home from their Thanksgiving dinners.

According to AAA more than 43 million Americans traveled for the holiday.

Luke and Katie Numrych drove from Milwaukee to Omaha for Thanksgiving.

The couple didn't travel for the holiday last year, but wanted to spend this year with family.

"My family was getting together after a long time and we had the time to get together," said Katie.

Despite driving home on one of the busiest travel days of the year, the Numrychs didn't see much traffic.

"It's been a little busy on 80 but otherwise not that bad," said Katie.

Other drivers agreed-the heaviest highway traffic was right here in Eastern Iowa on both I-80 and I-380.

"There's been some traffic now between Iowa City and getting closer to Cedar Rapids," said Lois Foltz, of Duluth, Minnesota.  "That has been the most traffic I've seen but it's been very manageable."

"It's very busy on 80 and from here to Iowa City," said Roberta Boore, of Bettendorf, Iowa.

According to AAA, 90% of Thanksgiving travelers were planning on driving. But workers at the Eastern Iowa Airport say Sunday brought plenty of lines there as well.  It's something that travelers have gotten used to at airports.

"We do a lot of traveling so one day is just as bad as the next, I think," said Patricia Ayers, of Orcas Island, Washington.

Steve Collins flew in Wednesday and left Sunday-hitting airports on the two busiest days of the year.

But to him, getting to see family made it worth the hassle.

"You know, sitting in O'Hare for hours and hours and hours, I never doubted that it was worth it," said Collins, of Orlando, Florida.

That's something flyers and drivers agreed on - any travel headaches were worth it, just to spend the holiday with the ones they love.

The number of people traveling for Thanksgiving has steadily increased every year since 2008 - when the recession caused people to stay home for the holiday.

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