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Waterloo stores prepare for Black Friday shoppers


Last year some stores caught a little flack from shoppers who thought the midnight openings were just too early. This year, midnight is almost considered a late start!

"A lot of folks will get done with their shopping in some of those other stores and come over here, get in line, and get ready to go here," said Eric Warnell, General Manager of Best Buy in Waterloo.

Warnell said, there is still a lot to do before the doors open.

"We're going to have to start barricading stuff off, put barricades up front, start setting up our line, and a lot of product is going to be coming out of our warehouse that we've had on hold," he explained.

He expects shoppers to start lining up at 2:00 Thursday afternoon for great deals on televisions, tablets, and video game systems. But there is a catch. They won't know how many deals are available are until just before midnight.

"We'll actually bring out tickets for the amount we have for door busters and we'll pass those out. So you really find out in the morning how much we have of each one," said Warnell.

It may take a lot of planning and a lot of work, but Warnell still considers Black Friday his favorite time of year

"It's the best day. It's a busy day. We have 10,000, 20,000 people come through our door. It's a long day, it's a hectic day, but it's still the best day out there."


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