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La Porte City man's hand saved following chainsaw accident


A La Porte City man is now heading home to recover after a chainsaw severed his hand last month.  Roger Batchelder's hand was successfully re-attached, and he's been recovering at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics since the accident October 31st.

Roger Batchelder knows he's lucky to be alive.  Just three weeks ago while cutting down a tree, he stepped in a hole, fell and severed his right hand with a chainsaw in the process.

"I could feel it crushing the bones in my arm," Batchelder said.

After the accident, Batchelder came to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  Doctors said they might be able to do what seemed impossible---re-attach his hand.

"We talked about the risks of the potentially life-threatening, long operation.  But this is one we thought we could have a chance," said Dr. Jerrod Keith, UIHC plastic surgeon and assistant clinical professor.

A team of surgeons carefully worked to put Batchelder's bones, nerves, tissues and muscles back together to re-attach his hand with metal plates and screws.

"At the end of it, we had it back on. Within less than five hours, we had blood flow to it," said Dr. Keith.

Now Batchelder's starting to get some movement back into the hand he thought would be gone forever.

"Even though I may not be able to use it as I used to be, I still can use it as it's meant to be," said Batchelder.

And now he'll be able to use that hand to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal this weekend.

Roger Batchelder and his family just published a public "thank you" to the community for all their support in the La Porte City Progress Review.   It reads:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you--firefighters, all ambulance personnel, Pastor Mike and church family, and all we don't know of.  Words cannot express our gratitude for the response and expertise on Oct. 31.  We are forever grateful.  Roger's hand was reattached and Iowa City surgeons are happy with his progress.  God Bless--Roger & Patty Batchelder"

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