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Iowa consumer group releases list of dangerous toys


Toy shopping can be fun but also dangerous, according to Iowa consumer research group, Iowa PIRG.

The 33-page report called "Trouble in Toyland" details what toys are safe for kids.

In the report, Iowa PIRG provides safety guidelines for consumers when purchasing toys for small children and gives examples of toys currently on store shelves that may pose potential safety hazards. 

Iowa PIRG visited toy stores and malls across the country during the past three months to identify trends in toy safety.

One of the group's focal points was toys that present a choking hazard for children, particularly under the age of three.

The group recommends sticking a toy inside a roll of toilet paper. They said if a toy can fit inside, it is too small for a child younger than three years old.

Another main finding in the group's report is the dangers of loud toys, specifically toys that are louder than 85 decibels.

The group recommends if a toy is too loud for an adult, it is likely too loud for a child.

Iowa PIRG said the bottom line is for people to remember that toys need to be age appropriate.

To read the full report, including a list of a handful of toys that Iowa PIRG warns could be dangerous, click here or visit this website:

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