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Hostess product names will be sold


Despite Hostess' decision to liquidate it doesn't necessarily mean the end of popular items like Twinkies, Ding Dongs & Ho Ho's.

The company's liquidation includes recipes and brand names, so you'll still have your cake and eat it too. That is, as long as another company buys what Hostess is selling.

The shutting down of Hostess has struck a nerve with many of its customers. People wanting to get one more taste packed the Hostess Bakery Outlet store in Waterloo.

"I had just heard Hostess was closing and I don't think I had a fruit pie since I was 13 so I figure I better come get one before they were gone," said Waterloo resident, Michael Niedert.

"I love the Hostess cakes and my family loves them also," said Hailey Schiller, also of Waterloo.

Lisa Levendusky works downtown and has enjoyed the smell coming from the Hostess Bakery for years. She will also now have to find a new store to shop at because the outlet store will close.

"I usually come out and get eight loaves of bread. I have a teenage son so we go through a lot of bread and I just thought I better come before everything is gone and it doesn't look like it's going to last long," said Levendusky.

Things are going very fast at the outlet store. They still have loaves of bread, chocolate cupcakes, fruit pies, and Zingers, but employees say they've already sold out of the iconic Twinkie. The Twinkie name, however, will probably survive. The brand names are being sold as well.

"If someone does purchase the brands and decide to continue making them they won't, however, be made by Hostess Brands," said Hostess spokesperson, Tom Becker.

A Twinkie and other hostess products made by another company my not go over with its fans.

"I thought I would get a few extra cupcakes to have and share with my family one more time," said Levendusky.

The employees at the Hostess Bakery Outlet will also be losing their jobs. Once everything is sold at the store it will close. Most of their products were made at the downtown Waterloo bakery.

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