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More stores opening on Thanksgiving day


Many retailers are thinking it's a good idea to get a jump start on Black Friday, the big shopping day after Thanksgiving, by moving it to Thanksgiving night. However, not everyone is looking forward to the early start.

"Shopping early isn't for everyone but a lot of customers have asked for that option," said Tom Aiello, a Manager at Sears.

Wal-mart, Sears, K-mart, and Toys R Us plan to open at 8 PM Thanksgiving day, followed by Target at 9 PM. Some Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic stores will also welcome shoppers on Thanksgiving.

As for what customers say, they're split. Some say they want to keep Thanksgiving special while others say let's go shopping.

"I feel Thanksgiving should be kept its' own special holiday because it's very important holiday in my mind. I think the shopping should be reserved for after thanksgiving, said shopper, Kay Matteson.

Angelena Stine won't have to work this Thanksgiving, but when she did she didn't mind.

"The stores I worked in that opened on Thanksgiving they kind of liked it," said Stine.

While many holiday workers will be happy to pick up some overtime on Thanksgiving, some Target employees have started an on-line petition to save Thanksgiving. On CNBC employee Casey St. Clair made the case for a true Black Friday.

"If all the companies did it on Friday I don't think it's something that can hurt them," said St. Clair.

Retailers expect to ring up as much as 20 percent of their holiday sales during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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