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Knitting scarves to help families adopt children


Elizabeth Peerman is known as the "Knitting Ninja."

"A family friend said I was really good at it and got fast, like a ninja," said Elizabeth Peerman.

Her grandma taught her how to knit about a year ago. Recently, she started knitting these scarves as a fundraiser for families looking to adopt a child.

"She had done a project a few years ago raising money for church camp, and it just has continued to evolve where she just looks for way to help somebody else out," said Elizabeth's mom Celina Peerman.

The 11-year-old is selling her scarves for about $24. So far, she's raised about $300 dollars. That's $100 for three different families she knows of who are hoping to adopt.

"I've had cousins who were adopted and it's just cool and kids need a home," said Elizabeth Peerman.

The sixth grader takes special requests for color combinations. Her favorite is new neon yarn.

"I just like doing them because I had a lot of time," said Peerman.

Elizabeth's parents said they've always encouraged their children to find ways to give back, but Elizabeth came up with this fundraiser on her own, and she does all the work for it.

"If I work on it for awhile, usually I'll get one done a day," she said.

"In our family, my husband and I, her grandparents are just very proud of her helpful heart, just wanting to be able to share that with others," said Celina Peerman.

Elizabeth just presented checks to two of the families hoping to adopt a child. She's now looking for new families she can help.

In addition to full-length scarves, she plans to start making matching girl and doll scarves. You can get more information or order a scarf by searching "Knitting Ninja for Kids" on facebook.

You can also click here to send an email.

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