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Apparent victims in Peeping Tom landlord case speak out


University of Iowa student Ruth Lapointe is still shaken after learning she was being spied on.

"It was like somebody so close that has all these advantages over you, took advantage," Lapointe said.

Lapointe lives in one of four units on the top floor of a South Lucas apartment complex.

Police have charged her landlord, Elwyn Miller, on four counts of invasion of privacy after police say he admitted to climbing in the attic and watching through a hole in the ceiling as girls showered.

"Just that he could look us all in the eye right after he got done doing that, it's sick," Lapointe said.

Lapointe and another possible victim say Miller was always kind to them, and they never suspected he was capable of committing the crime he is being charged with.

"He was always around and he knew us all by name, and only after the fact do you think that was creepy," she said.

Police say Miller is the landlord of other apartments in Iowa City, meaning there could be other victims.

"I'd encourage anyone, if they see anything like this, and are suspicious of some behavior, don't hesitate to call police," said Sgt. Denise Brotherton with the Iowa City Police Department.

Lapointe and her neighbors are still trying to make sense of it all and admit the arrest has changed their sense of security.

"It'll be hard to trust a landlord again, in particular a male one. I feel like I probably won't," Lapointe said.

Invasion of privacy is a serious misdemeanor.



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