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Republicans move forward


The biggest blow to the GOP came with the re-election of Barack Obama.

For Denise Woodford, a Romney supporter, election night was a disappointment.

"I was more in favor of Romney. I have concerns with our economy so I was a little bit disappointed to see that happen, but it went according to how I expected it to," said Woodford.

For Mike Knapp, however, things couldn't have gone better.

"I think last night showed that despite the economy and unemployment that the message that President Obama was putting out was strong enough to carry the day," said Knapp.

With area incumbents holding onto their seats in the Iowa State Legislature and in the U.S. Congress, Republicans missed out on an opportunity to capitalize.

Mac McDonald, the Black Hawk County Republicans Chair says UNI students made a big difference in the local election.

"UNI students are making decisions for the people who have to live here for four years and some of them will be gone in months," said McDonald.

McDonald also says the Republican Party will continue to fight for its' beliefs.

"I think we need to work strong and hard on voter identification. I think there is compelling arguments out there that Matt Schultz, the Secretary of State, has on voter I.D. and how it doesn't disenfranchise people to vote," said McDonald.

In the Iowa State Legislature, Republicans have control of the House, while Democrats have the Senate.

In Washington D.C., Democrats hold a majority in the U.S. Senate while Republicans control the House by 40 seats.

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