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Elementary students hold town hall meeting


It is one demographic that the presidential candidates haven't gone after because elementary students can't legally vote, but that hasn't stopped them from learning about the race.

ALPHA students from the Cedar Falls elementary schools have taken what they've learned over the past couple of weeks and held a town hall meeting at the city library.

"I'm very impressed. These kids are amazing to me because they really took this job seriously and like I said inside they didn't have a choice who they could research so it was making their decisions on their own, based on their own research, and their own opinions," said ALPHA teacher, Linda Walther.

The students researched the candidates' stances on a number of issues.

For sixth grader, Kelly Kestner theses issue topped her list.

"The economy and education," said Kestner

Sofia Munoz says education is an obvious top priority for students.

"If we get a good education then we'll get better jobs because we're the future of the country," said Munoz.

The event was completely neutral and no candidate was portrayed as better than the other. The students did walk up and down Main Street with picket signs, but they were merely encouraging those who are 18 and older to get out and vote.

These elementary students do have some advice for those who will be heading to their polling place on November 6th.

"I hope they won't care what party they come from and they'll just focus on the issues," said Munoz.

"I hope these kids keep this in their mind and when they turn 18 the first thing they want to think about is that I can vote now," said Walther.

As the students marched on Main Street they handed out fliers to remind people to vote on November 6th.

Teachers say it wasn't just a good learning experience for the students, but for them as well.

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