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Men suspected in robbery & officer shootings appear in court


Two men suspected of robbing an Eastern Iowa bank, and shooting two law officers, are facing multiple charges in Bremer County.

19 year-old William Clayton and 24 year-old Jeremiah Mumford are the men investigators believe robbed the Maynard Savings Bank Tuesday morning and then led authorities on a search which lasted nearly eight hours.

The injured officers are expected to recover -- although Sumner Police Chief Dennis Cain remains in Allen Hospital following surgery to stop arterial bleeding, according to Mayor Gary Walke. Walke has been in constant contact with Cain's family. He said Cain has made a great impact on the community in his 22 years on the department.

"A man of few words, but a very, very good police officer. When he speaks, people listen. Excellent mentor to new officers, and he's served our community very, very well," said Walke.

Trooper Mark Domino was treated and released shortly after being shot.

Bremer County Sheriff Duane Hildebrandt said the response was like nothing he's seen in his career. When other departments learned two officers were shot -- they rushed to help.

"It could have gone really bad, really fast," he said.

Hildebrandt, who is retiring at the end of his term, will keep the memory of this day with him long after he leaves his post.

"What I will never forget is the brotherhood and camaraderie I saw yesterday. I just couldn't be more proud," said Hildebrandt.

As many as 400 agents from multiple cities, counties, states, and even federal departments rushed to aid in the search. With that many people involved in a high-stress situation, things can become disjointed -- or egos can get in the way of the mission. Hildebrandt said, in this case, there was absolutely no friction between the different agencies.

"I think it was because everybody had that common goal. Really bad individuals who were meaning to do serious harm to a police officer, and he's one of us. They're one of us," said Hildebrandt.

That level of care and concern for their brothers ultimately led to the safe arrest of two suspects, and knowing both officers are expected to survive their injuries makes the day a success.

"For law enforcement officers to see the arrest made without any further injury to police officers, and to the suspects... It's gratifying. And now we have to put the trust in the justice system to make sure that, when convicted, these individuals will be put away for a long, long time," said Hildebrandt.

Hildebrandt also credits the cooperation from people in all the impacted communities. He said everyone took the warnings seriously, and that may have prevented injuries to citizens as these two men tried to flee from police.

Clayton and Mumford are also expected to face robbery charges either from the FBI or Fayette County. There is also the chance that the attempted murder, aiding and abetting, and terrorism charges will be picked up by federal prosecutors. If they are convicted of these charges in a federal court -- the two are looking at spending the rest of their lives in prison.

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