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Iowa Congressional candidate pushes solely pro-life agenda


Iowa's first congressional race is expected to be a close one between incumbent Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican challenger Ben Lange.

But did you know there are two other candidates running for the first district?  One of them is stirring up some controversy.

Wednesday, KWWL and a handful of other Iowa television stations will be running an ad for Congressional candidate George Krail.  Krail doesn't live in Iowa, but the law still allows him to run for office here.  Krail is only using graphic, anti-abortion TV ads to get his message across.

Many Iowans are voting early.  Walking into the voting booth, there might be some names on the ballot you've never heard of.  George Krail, running for Iowa's first Congressional district, might be one of them.  Despite living in New Jersey, Krail is still legally allowed to run for office in our state.

"Under Iowa's code section and of the US Constitution, technically these individuals have to be residents of the state as of November 6, not as of the time they file their nomination paperwork," said Sarah Reisetter, elections director with the Iowa Secretary of State's Office.

What's stranger still, Krail admits he's a one-issue candidate.  His only reason for running:  to spread a pro-life message, which will be done solely through graphic TV ads.

"We've aborted, we've killed 60 million Americans.  Something had to be done to have this be part of the campaign.  Government is supposed to protect people, and these children aren't being protected in the womb," Krail said.

Krail's message is one that likely won't gain a lot of traction this close to election day.

"If you think people are tired and disgusted with negative ads, if you go to their website and look at some of the pro-life candidate commercials, people are going to be even more disgusted.  It's certainly their right to do this, but they're not going to get very much support.  This is their time, their chance, to try to get attention on the pro-life issue," said Chris Larimer, KWWL political analyst.

Krail is an official candidate, who got on the ballot by pro-life supporters collecting 1500 petition signatures on his behalf.  Because of that, federal laws say KWWL and other media outlets can't refuse to air his ads.

"Whenever a legally qualified candidate for public office makes what's called a use of a station, we're not able to censor that message in any way," said John Huff, KWWL general sales manager.

Krail is among a small group of candidates running solely on a pro-life platform.  They've all chosen to get on the ballot in swing states--like Florida and Iowa--to reach pivotal audiences, who could ultimately decide the entire election's outcome.

The Iowa Secretary of State's office says it would take legislative action to ban out-of-state candidates from running for office here, and with the attention this group's gotten, such action is likely to come up for debate in the near future

In the interest of equal time, we reached out to the three others running in Iowa's first Congressional district about Krail's candidacy.

Independent candidate Greg Hughes issued the following statement:

"I don't feel George understands the real problems that Iowans are facing. We are being bilked on so many fronts:  $54 million collecting child support, $1 billion to a incompetent and corrupt judicial system.  George has money and is only focused on a single issue.  It's too bad because lots of money is being spent to buy an election."

Bruce Braley and Ben Lange's campaigns have not issued statements.

Be advised, George Krail will be running another anti-abortion ad on several Iowa television stations Monday, November 5.

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